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Our Patron

       Anatol Carridad Rodgers nee Reeves, esteemed patron, in whose honor our school has been named, was born on August 06, 1917. She was the eldest child of Cleveland H. and Lucille Robinson Reeves. She and her father, Cleveland H. Reeves, share a common distinguished and historic legacy, of having schools named in their honor, because of their invaluable contributions to the development of education and molding of lives within The Bahamas.

    Anatol Rodgers High School is a comprehensive six-tier public, secondary learning institution enrolling 1300 plus students from grades 7-12 and a Prevocational Unit. The school began enrolling students in the fall of 2008 and graduated its first senior class in the spring of 2011. On Monday August 28th 2008, 6 administrators along with Principal Judy Major, 54 teachers and 2 Guidance Counselors met at Remnant Tabernacle to plan for their first year.

    Originally called Southwestern High School, Anatol Rodgers got its name on November 4th, 2008. Since then it has grown tremendously offering programs like Pre-engineering, Hospitality and Tourism Studies, Business Studies, Building Trades, Music and Family and Consumer Sciences. In the year 2015 Anatol Rodgers became a testing center for the AP examinations. To date we offer 4 AP examinations and we project that for year 2020-2021 we will now offer Seven (7) AP Subjects:

English Language

Calculus AB


European History




    Our extra curricular activities are just as impressive as we offer Student Christian Movement, Drama, Debate, Anchor, Key, Chess, Science, Bridge Building, Book and College Clubs, Nursing and Teachers Cadets, JA, YEP, Rangers, Royal Knights, Elites and Technical Cadets. Anatol Rodgers High School is accredited by The Bahamas Ministry of Education and holds membership in the American College Board. Additionally 11th graders who passed their BGCSEs  can enroll in The Jumpstart program at the University of The Bahamas and earn college credits in their senior year. The School has a strong graduation rate and offers many programs that assist students towards tertiary education as we have created a College going culture.

Meet the Timberwolves

Meet the Timberwolves

Mission Statement

To equip students with lifelong learning skills which will enable them to function socially, academically and vocationally in an ever-changing global society.


· Embrace challenges

· Adapt to current trends in education

· Maintain high standards of excellence

· Develop lifelong learners


· Educating all students based on wholesome Christian principles

· Respecting all persons’ beliefs, cultures and disabilities

· Teamwork “together everyone achieves more”

Quality Accomplishments

145 Public School scholarships to date

19% attend international universities

10% University of The Bahamas

15% BTVI

13% Maritime Colleges

3% Local Colleges

At this quality institution we offer students opportunities to excel in BJCs, BGCSEs, APs, PSATs at Grade 8/9, PSAT NMSQT (Gr.10), SATs and ACTs


Mr. Andrew Dean 2020 - Present

Mr. Harcourt McCoy 2017-2020

Mrs. Myrtle McPhee 2011-2017

   Mrs. Judith Major 2008- 2011




Our Administrative Team

Andrew Dean, Principal_DSC4147_Perfect36
Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 8.25.56 PM.png

Andrew Dean


Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 8.27.21 PM.png
Clive Stuart, Vice Principal_DSC5098_Per

Clive Stuart

Vice Principal

Betty Taylor

Vice Principal

Veronica Bain

Vice Principal 

Marcia McPhee, Senior Mistress_DSC5092_P
Lorenz Burrows, Senior Master_DSC4151_Pe

Marcia McPhee

Senior Mistress

Lorenz Burrows

Senior Master

Yolanda Johnson, Senior Mistress_DSC4958

Yolanda Johnson

Senior Mistress

Kenny Moxey, Senior Master_DSC5597_Perfe

Kenny Moxey

Senior Master

Office Hours:

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Telephone: (242) 361-6573

Faith Avenue, New Providence 


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