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CONGRATULATIONS – Eleven-year-old Kristin Quant of Holmes Rock Primary School (HRPS) was recently named the overall winner in The Bahamas for the MASA Assist Drawing Contest held earlier this year. Pictured from left to right are Julian Moss, Sales Manager MASA Assist; Breann Campbell, Agent MASA Assist; Kristin Quant, Marsha Wildgoose, Teacher, HRPS and Candice Quant, mother of Kristin Quant. (PHOTO: JAIMIE SMITH)

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November 12, 2020 FN Reporter Jaimie Smith


Eleven-year-old student of Holmes Rock Primary School (HRPS), Kristin Quant, was named the overall winner for The Bahamas in a recent art contest hosted by “Medical Air Services Association (MASA) Assist.” The now sixth grader entered the contest while in the fifth grade and was unaware that he had won until it was announced during a special assembly held at the school on Thursday, November 5.

    Sales Manager, Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands, Medical Air Services Association (MASA), Julian Moss, explained how the contest came about and how Quant was named the overall winner for the country. “During the early part of the year, we distributed some of our campaign flyers for an art drawing competition. We wanted to do something to cater to kids and so this was only eligible for primary school students. We distributed a couple hundred flyers throughout New Providence, Grand Bahama and all of the Family Islands. Both private and government schools received the flyers where we asked them to distribute to selective students at their schools. “Many schools participated and submitted these drawings. Successfully, even though Holmes Rock Primary School was one of the last schools I visited, Mr. Quant was named the overall winner.

     “When I received the results, I was overwhelmed. I barely came to the school before the deadline and here it was Mr. Quant won. I contacted the school and told them that he had won. I wanted to personally come here to meet this young man. “On behalf of my company we will be presenting Mr. Quant with an art set. I was so happy that he won, we even added a $100 gift card for CostRight for him as well.

    “We believe in encouraging our kids and so we wanted to be here to present him with his gifts and spotlight him, among his peers, to encourage them all to try to strive to do well and show that hard work does pay off,” Moss said. Moving forward, Moss said that it is the intention of MASA Assist to initiate similar competitions to encourage the youth of the nation to strive for excellence.

     “We want to do more for our students; for young people; because we do believe that the youth of the nation are the wealth of the nation. They are our future. If we can take care of the future now, molding them in the right direction, we will see our Bahamas become a better Bahamas.

  ”While Quant won the competition here in The Bahamas, the competition was open to primary school students throughout The Bahamas and the entire Caribbean. During his presentation at the special assembly, as he addressed the students Moss stated the following: “We wanted every country that participated, to have a winner and Quant was named the winner here. There was then a drawing where all of the winners from each country were entered into a competition for an overall prize. “We did not win the overall prize for the entire Caribbean, but there was one student from this school who participated against all of the schools in The Bahamas. The little winner came from HRPS.”

      HRPS Principal Lillian Walker expressed her elation that Quant won the contest. “At the time that Kristin would have entered this competition I was not the principal but I am proud to be the leader of this institution where students are seizing opportunities. At the end of enrolling in the competition, he proved himself very successful. Those are the kinds of things that we want to encourage with our students. Though we are small we are still important and we are still making our presence felt within the community.

      “Holmes Rock is home to many great persons that are now serving within the community; the likes of Pakesia Parker- Edgecombe, who is the Member of Parliament for West Grand Bahama and Bimini; David Wallace and others that were students at the school. “Walter P. Parker was also our principal and would have been the Head Master, initially, having led for 41 years as the helm of Holmes Rock Primary School. There are so many other former students in society who are making their presence felt and doing good work.

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