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Freeport, Grand Bahama


The History of Maurice E. Moore Primary School

The plans for a new school were drawn by Copeland Moxey, an architect with the Ministry of Works, Nassau, Bahamas.  The building was later constructed by Fletcher McIntosh, a contractor of FES Construction Company.  In 1998, in Grassmere Subdivision, Arden Forest, a wonderful primary school was constructed, surrounded by pine trees.  This school was called Grassmere Primary.

Unlike the openings of other schools which opened in September for students, Grassmere Primary opened its doors on the 6th January 1999, with an enrollment of 217 students.  These students made up the original eight classes.  Prior to their enrollment at Grassmere Primary, they were initially enrolled at two private schools on Grand Bahama, namely St. Paul’s Methodist College and Discovery Primary School.  Six of the eight classes along with their teachers, Bernadette McIntosh, Tammy Ellis, Shantel Gomez, Dellerease Hield, Sophia Rox, and Lesa Curtis came from St. Paul’s Methodist College.  The other two classes along with their teachers Verona Missick and Cheryl Forbes came from Discovery Primary School.

On the 9th January, 1999, Mrs. Judy Williams and Mrs. Lillimae Brown teachers of the Centre for the Deaf and their students became members of Grassmere Primary.

The first school board members were Donald McCartney, Chairman, Denzil Swain, Vice Chairman, Cynthia Bascombe, Evelyn Pratt, and Bethsheba Armbrister, board members.  The two preschool units were first started on the 24th September, 1999, with an enrollment of forty students.

On January 11th, the school got its first two janitors in the person of Cynthia Bascombe and Dalena Hield.  The school’s security officers were Thomas Archer, Roberts Holbert, Darren Rolle and Jennifer Deleveaux.  On June 11th, additional persons became part of the janitorial staff.  They were Coralee Coakley, Mellonie Albury, Bethsheba Armbrister, Evelyn Pratt and Anastacia Beckles.


On Friday, 25th May, 2001, by The Right Honorable Hubert A. Ingraham, Prime Minister of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas officially opened and named the school Maurice E. Moore Primary School.



The first Principal was Mrs. C. Mortimer.  The present Principal is now Mrs. Tammy Ellis-Elliott and the Vice Principal is Mrs. Lillian Walker.  Mrs. Shenique Mackey-Paul is the Senior Mistress and Mrs. Tawana Thompson-Strachan is the Senior Mistress.


The Home of the Mighty Raccoons


Mission Statement:

The mission of Maurice E. Moore Primary School is to provide opportunities for all students to receive an education that will equip them with the necessary beliefs, attitudes, knowledge, and skills required for work and life in a democratic, Christian society.


Philosophy of Education:

The philosophy of the Maurice E. Moore Primary School is that all students can learn, and have a right to an education that will enable them to become productive, responsible, self-sustaining members of society.  Our philosophy is grounded in the following principles:-

  • a belief in the intrinsic worth of every student and the protection of their human rights.

  • a conviction that educators, parents, students, and the wider community will partner with the government to ensure a successful educational system.

  • a belief in the ability of the teaching/learning process to develop the fullest potential to each student.

  • an appreciation for the natural and cultural heritage of the Bahamas.



  • To improve literacy and numeracy in a strong academic environment that encourages high student achievement

  • To foster a passion for life-long learning in both staff and students

  • To recognize and utilize the ability of staff-members to assist in the building up of the school

  • To build positive self-esteem in students and encourage good conduct in and out of school

  • To expose students to a myriad of wholesome experiences to enhance and fortify the teaching/learning process

  • To create an environment favorable to inclusion of the physically challenged

  • To cultivate a productive home/school/community relationship to contribute towards the holistic development of our children


School’s Motto:

Our School’s Mott is: “Together We Work, Together We Achieve.”

About Our School

Contact Us

Tammy Ellis-Elliot
Lillian Walker
Vice Principal
Tawanna Strachan
Senior Mistress

Shenique Mackey-Paul
Senior Mistress

Office Hours:

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Telephone: (242) 373-7981/2/4

Freeport, Grand Bahama


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